Soft Tissue Laser Treatment in Still Water

There is no doubt that lasers are being used more frequently in orthodontic treatment, and that is also true in Still Water. Our specialists employ the use of lasers in our Soft Tissue Laser Treatment, which is used to correct or adjust gum tissue when teeth seem to appear too small or too large.

Using lasers to correct this issue means that there is less chance of infection, less bleeding and swelling and a quicker recovery time.


What is Soft Tissue Laser Treatment?

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment might be compared to the idea of “sculpting” gums around your teeth. The use of a laser means that the process is more precise and comfortable than ever before. There is also less pain and decreased treatment time.

With Soft Tissue Laser Treatment, the final result will produce a noticeably more aesthetically pleasing look.

How Does the Treatment Work?

The treatment works by using a laser to re-counter gums or remove excess tissue. It is generally used in situations where the amount of gum showing causes a person’s teeth to appear too large or too small. It is a comfortable procedure in which a numbing injection is not necessary, eliminating pain. The laser will seal nerve endings, cause less bleeding and inflammation, and the healing process is more accelerated.

The use of Soft Tissue Laser Treatment is also used to resolve problems with impacted teeth, the most common of which are wisdom teeth. Impacted teeth can cause many problems if untreated such as infections and jaw misalignment. The laser can be used to allow teeth to grow safely into the mouth. Following the safe eruption of the teeth, alignment correction will be required.

Still Water, MN

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